And as you see, there is a tool to help overcome basically any writing quarrel. It’s impossible to tell the difference between human and Ai-generated content. Headlime uses its 1700 pre-made templates merged with NLP technology to whip up impactful social media ads, email subject lines, and so much more. Stop wasting valuable time creating compelling content and just use the professionally designed templates.

Sharing and Collaboration – You can share your snippets with your coworkers and ask them to improve or amend them. When using a snippet, Text Blaze may also help you create forms with blank spots where you can fill in data. Unlimited Landing Pages – Landing pages are separate web pages created expressly for ad or marketing initiatives.

Is there free AI software

Create the body of your dreams, increase or decrease the size of the body parts or leave everything to random. Don’t just stay with static photos, you can also create GIFs, MP4 and WEBM videos! Open files or folders from your computer, you can also open files from Instagram and the web.


There are more than 30 languages to pick from when it comes to delivering content to customers. The most user-friendly free AI copywriting tool with powerful data-driven copywriting capabilities. Offers Over 25 Languages – It’s simple to create content in a variety of languages. Sentence Rewriter Tool – This online tool will generate a copy for you once you type what you need to revise and set the tone. Automated creativity tools are built into the AI writing program, so you can start writing in seconds.

  • It allows you to build predictive models related to machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.
  • It supports several open-source frameworks and languages, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Python, R, and others.
  • Implementation of DALL-E 2, OpenAI’s updated text-to-image synthesis neural network, in Pytorch.
  • Citation Generator – Cites a variety of sources and exports them to your citation list in the formats you desire.
  • We picked the 5 best free AI software for PC, and we’ll offer you a sneak peek at their key features and functionalities to help you make a more informed decision.

The snippet text appears every time you click on the shortcut. Text Blaze may be used with Google Docs, Gmail, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. Long-form Content Editor – You choosing AI software can use Grammarly to edit and proofread articles of any length. To utilize the AI copywriting platform, you must submit your URL and a brief product description.

Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT)

Apache Mahout is a distributed framework that efficiently handles the processing of the data. You can proficiently use this free AI tool for data mining in conjunction with Hadoop. Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yahoo are all massive corporations that make use of this software for data mining. It is designed for enterprises from various sectors like IoT, consumer engagement, education, healthcare, energy, finance, work, and transportation. By using advanced AI and machine learning, enterprises can discover new opportunities and update themselves about possible regulations and risks.

It can even convert the file into many popular formats, such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc. These lines are easy to manipulate and shape to an image of your liking. These files are commonly used for print illustrations and graphics, and their sizes range from KBs to a couple of MBs. Vector graphics are saved in a more popular file format – AI (.ai) . With the list of software we have given here, forget only viewing the file, you’ll be adding to the design as well to make it better. With the list of software we have given here, forget only viewing the file, you’ll be adding to the design as well to make it better.

Copy.ai – Best For Short-Form Content

Website Personalization – Automatically optimizes on-site text to ensure that the appropriate message reaches the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time. Custom Keywords – This allows you to include pertinent terms you want the AI writing software to incorporate into its suggested text. The Copy AI Free plan is entirely free, while the Pro plan subscription starts at $37 per month . Any website’s success hinges on its ability to produce original, high-quality, and interestingly relevant written content. It’s only a matter of time until computers will surpass human vision.

The AI chatbot communicates through NLP textual conversations becoming smarter over time about your products and services. The AI chatbot determines the customers AI Happiness Sentiment, Customer Reaction data along with marketing and sales insights. Ochatbot also comes with 9 conversion optimization tools such as 80+ Leadbots, Offer Sliders, Popups, live chat and more.

Is there free AI software

With Google Cloud AI, you get a set of different machine learning tools. For companies that decided to build their platform on Google Cloud, it is a popular platform for scientists and developers. The AI software tools of Google Cloud allow developers to work on machine learning projects in a time-saving and cost-effective way. With this application, you can rapidly improve your writing by evaluating your content and getting feedback on topics where you may improve. Over 500,000 marketing professionals use CopyAI across the world for improving writing skills.

Again Textio evaluates your past word choices and makes recommendations to build a brand where everybody is valued. The moral of the story, you will become an experienced writer with ProWritingAid. Wordtune offers its services as both a browsing extension and a long-form document editor. Need to watch tutorials on how to navigate the tool for content generation. Finds the right concept and improves the flow and structure. Enjoy over 60 different writing templates and over 25 different language options.

Artificial Intelligence Software for Windows

For commercial use, you can get a subscription plan – they have five choices from 40 credits to 2800, or you can pay as you go, which works out to be more expensive per photo. Depth Blur – You can make a realistic effect of a narrow depth of field on any image. Style Transfer – You can transfer color, style, and texture from one picture to another. You can also choose a painter’s style and apply their style to your photo. Then, adjust the sensitivity from low to the extreme on different categories – such as grouping duplicates, culling blurred photos, etc. AfterShoot is a photo manager that uses AI to automate the tedious part of culling large series of pictures.

Is there free AI software

Most likely you’ll want to use an “open source” platform that you can download now and get the ball rolling. What open source means is that the software is free to use and you’ll be joining an entire community of people who are developing on the platform just like you. They’ll likely be a whole lot smarter than you, but don’t worry. The most often asked questions about the best free forever AI writing software tools are answered below. Grammarly has stayed at the top of the charts in terms of providing the greatest advanced grammar and spelling checking tools. Numerous people have enhanced their writing skills since its beginning in 2009.


It presents the library for high-performance numerical computation. Across a variety of platforms this free AI software allows easy deployment of computation due to its flexible architecture. Artificial Intelligence technology is blooming to a great extent. Their claim to fame is taking the URL of your blog post and creating AI-generated social media posts. Their AI also has the ability to convert a longer video into shorter social media clips ready to share on social media.

Headlime – Best For Marketing Copy

Copysmith streamlines the time-consuming procedure of content writing by automating the difficult work of brainstorming. It includes 30 ready-to-use templates with which you can begin producing your own content. Instoried is a new-age marketing tool that provides you with actionable insights about your content. The best thing about this tool is that it provides you with detailed explanations of everything it recommends. 50+ AI-powered tools for producing persuasive advertising content.

Some offer a free trial, and others provide a free-forever plan with limitations. These last are free AI writing tools you can use as long as the company doesn’t change its pricing structure. This free AI writing assistant also allows you to do your tests in a variety of languages, including British, American, and Australian English. Additionally, Grammarly offers plagiarism detection and original writing ideas to help you improve the quality of your work. Create AI-generated content with Copy AI’s 90+ templates, including unlimited projects and support for over 25 languages.

AI-Writer – Best For Content Writers

Gigapixel AI uses deep learning to improve the quality and enhance the details of your photos as its upscaling them. This way, it delivers pictures that look like they were taken with a higher resolution. The Drift platform combines chat, email, video, and automation to remove the friction from business buying. With Drift, you can start conversations with future customers now, on their terms.

There is a rapidly growing number of enterprise use cases, and most organizations have implemented a broad AI strategy to keep up with disruptive technologies. This AI software library is free to use and comes with great community support. It is suitable for both beginners and experts, although it comes with a steep learning curve. You can schedule a demo with an Observe.AI solution architect to learn more about the platform. Pricing details can be availed by reaching out to the team directly. The strategic importance of AI technology is growing exponentially across industries.

It also presents specific writing recommendations, relevant articles, and even movies and quizzes to keep the editing procedure interesting. Using ProWritingAid to improve your academic writing is a great way to save time and avoid upsetting grammar problems. Additionally, it provides style advice in addition to extensive grammar and spell-checking features.

We’ve gone ahead and broken down the essential tools you’ll need to start creating the best AI content possible. Kapwing’s powerful collaboration features let your whole team create, review, share, and give feedback on productions. In terms of what you can make with CreateStudio, the https://globalcloudteam.com/ app is pretty versatile. The Creator plan costs $12 per month billed annually and gives you unlimited watermark-free exports and 10 hours of transcription per month. In addition to audio and video editing, you can use Descript for screen recording, podcasting, and even transcription.

From removing an image’s background to improving how a photo looks with just one click, artificial intelligence is both powerful and accessible. Drive higher engagement and convenience through chat commerce. We lead the transformation of digital commerce and customer engagement through mobile. We help brands stay relevant in a changing digital world with mobile engagement and payments on the world’s leading social chat platforms. Our deployments show positive ROI in as little as 12 months.